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We’ve partnered with Pixar's RenderMan to make it even easier for creative professionals like you to take your skillset to the next level. In the RenderMan Challenge you can use the same technology used at Pixar Animation Studios to showcase your creative and technical VFX skills. To help you succeed, Pluralsight is offering a special trial to learn all about the latest artist-friendly RenderMan workflows, so you can create a VFX masterpiece.

Through online video training from the world’s most knowledgeable authors, accurate skills assessments and other powerful learning tools, Pluralsight is redefining the learning landscape.

New course available:
Fundamentals of RenderMan for Maya

RenderMan has a long and proud history in the field of computer generated imagery and animation. In this course, you'll learn how to use the latest RenderMan techniques in order to produce a realistic still life scene. 

Check out this overview of the new course by Pluralsight author and certified RenderMan trainer, Mark Flanagan.

Get a glimpse of popular RenderMan courses

Look Development for Production Assets with Katana and RenderMan

Look development helps give emotion to a model via textures, shaders, compositing, and more. In this course, you will learn how to do look development inside Katana with RenderMan 21.

Creating Realistic Vegetation and Foliage with XGen and RenderMan

XGen's versatility combined with RenderMan's new shading and lighting is a match made for high-quality setting design. In this course, you will get to see the process of creating a forest using XGen and RenderMan.

Introduction to Lighting Concepts and Rigs with Maya and RenderMan

Good lighting and lighting rigs are essential to any professional animator. In this course, you'll explore various scenarios to learn about the many components of any CG lighting and test your rendering with different lighting rigs.

Integrating Live Action and CG in NUKE and RenderMan for Maya

In this tutorial, we will cover importing our camera tracking into Maya from NUKE and explore all of many different materials and textures available in RenderMan to complete the scene.

Introduction to RenderMan RIS in Houdini

Studios have been using Renderman for years and with recent integration improvements in Houdini 15 and Renderman 20 you too can leverage this fast and easy to use workflow for lighting, shading, and rendering your next project. In this course, we will explore Renderman RIS in Houdini 15.

Lighting a Short Film Sequence in RenderMan

Learn to light a short film sequence maintaining continuity between different shots using Maya, RenderMan RIS and NUKE. By the end of this RenderMan training, you'll have a thorough understanding of how a scene can be lit for a short film.

'Daydreamer' Production Pipeline Volume 5: Lighting and Rendering

Our goal with this fast-paced tutorial is to show you how our scenes were lit, how the final render pass was setup and the AOVs that were used as well as several challenges or problems that were worked through for the project.

'Daydreamer' Production Pipeline Volume 4: Surfacing

The goal of this tutorial is to give you a glimpse at a production pipeline between MARI and RenderMan for Maya. To achieve that, we'll give you insight into the various challenges, techniques, and thought processes behind specific assets on this project.

Character Lighting in RenderMan 19 RIS

Throughout these lessons, we'll learn about character lighting using three different techniques and workflows. We'll use RenderMan RIS and its powerful and efficient GI system, where lighting is more organic and realistic.

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