Pluralsight + TechHire

Your new tech job is waiting.

Pluralsight is a proud partner of the White House’s TechHire Initiative, a program designed to help fill the 120,000 available tech jobs across the U.S. We want to help unemployed Americans quickly gain the tech skills they need to land well-paying careers. 

We’re offering 50 of our most-relevant courses in the following learning paths to TechHire participants for free:

  • General Tech/Industry Knowledge
  • Front End Web Development
  • Technical Support
  • Data Science
  • General Job Skills

What can you learn through our TechHire program?

Tech Skills


This learning path is designed to give you a broad overview of the tech industry as a whole


  • DevOps
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software Engineering Essentials
Front End Web Development

Front End Web Development

Front end web developers use programming languages  to build everything users experience on a webpage


  • Front End Web
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript Fundamentals
Technical Support

Technical Support

Technical support staff are key to keeping business running smoothly


  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Networking
Data Professional

Data Professional

Data professionals are experts in the gathering, curating and management of data, so businesses can make effective decisions.


  • Excel
  • Data Analytics
  • SQL
Job Skills

Job Skills

Learn effective techniques and tools to help you perform have a successful career in the tech industry..


  • Job Search Strategies
  • LinkedIn Skills
  • Developing Phone and Email Skills