Essential skills playbook

Essential skills playbook

15 key technology roles, explained

Get up to speed on the skills subject matter experts call key to rounding out the technology roles of tomorrow. Then, benchmark success and get learning recommendations from Role IQ.

Angular Developer

Brice Wilson shares eight skills for Angular web developers to focus on for success, including: npm, HTML, RxJs, Git and more. 

AWS Cloud Architect

Learn from Dror Helper about how programming languages, networking, data storage, security and more play into this role. 

Data Analyst (Tableau)

To help you make the biggest impact you can as a data analyst, Ann Jackson shares the four skills you should assess—and start growing—today! 

Java Developer

According to José Paumard, there’s never been a better time to learn Java programming. Get his expert recommendation for which skills you should master. 

React Web Developer

React web developers need a collection of six skills to bring value to their organization. Ryan Hamblin breaks them down for you. 

Microsoft Azure Administrator

Expert Tim Warner discusses the skills mapped to the role of Azure Administrator: compute, storage, network and security. 

Microsoft Azure Developer

Learn how Barry Luijbregts scales applications, chooses the right services and otherwise flexes the nine essential Azure developer skills. 

Security Analyst

Find out what to expect from this role and get the skills Richard Harpur recommends to stay at the top of your game. 

Unity Game Developer

Joy Horvath explains the Unity skills that spell success: pre production and scoping, smart use of the Asset store, and more! 

AWS Developer

The demand for AWS Developers isn’t going away any time soon. Ryan Lewis explains the skills to master to rock this role. 

Node Web Developer

Get eight skills necessary to leverage today’s 2nd most popular framework with employers. 

Mobile Developer (Android)

Developing for Android? Our expert recommends 10 skills that will send you to the head of the pack.  

Vue Web Developer

Today’s fastest growing front-end framework demands the sharpest skills. Rock this role with these 6 essentials.  

AWS DevOps Engineers

From continuous delivery to collaboration and communication, these are the skills every AWS DevOps Engineer needs in their toolkit.

Machine learning and AI on AWS

Roles that leverage machine learning and AI are more in demand than ever. Here are 7 skills to master for success.


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