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PIxologic's ZBrush is a premier digital sculpting tool, combining modeling, texturing and painting.
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ZBrush: Core Skills

ZBrush is a full-featured 3D sculpting and illustration packaged used widely in the media and entertainment industry. It is used to create highly detailed models and textures for concepts and production models. ZBrush is essential for working modelers, especially those in film and games.

ZBrush is a vital tool for anyone who wants to create highly-detailed character or environment models. It fits into any production pipeline and offers a wide array of creative and time-saving tools. This path covers the core ZBrush skills you need to know to build a strong sculpting foundation and enhance your overall modeling workflow.

What you will learn

  • Basics & Interface
  • Sculpting Concepts
  • Painting Concepts
  • Working with Subtools
  • Sculpting and Painting Tools
  • Modifying Geometry
  • Project Transfer

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Game Environment Modeling

Building a game is a multi-faceted project that includes multiple disciplines. A vastly important part of creating your game is the environment and the art used to create it. This learning path will show you the tools and skills used to build a game environment, and will teach you about creating assets for your world.

What you will learn

  • How to create game props and game environments from concept art
  • Common modeling tools, workflows, and techniques
  • How to texture game assets to import into the game engine of your choice

Adaptive skill measurement

In about five minutes and 20 questions, your can validate your skills, benchmark against others and discover opportunities for growth.

Skill measurement is embedded in paths, so your results will guide what you should learn next. You'll know where to begin learning to confidently progress your knowledge without wasting time on material you've already mastered.

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Start learning ZBrush today. Learn basic and essential skills with beginner ZBrush tutorials and training.


Sculpt and create detailed models. Learn powerful sculpting tools and workflows with ZBrush tutorials and training.


Create detailed and stunning textures. Learn how to add color and detail to your models with ZBrush texturing tutorials and training.


Create seamless, perfect renders. Learn proven rendering techniques and workflows with detailed ZBrush rendering tutorials and training.


Integrate ZBrush with other applications. Learn techniques and workflows for using ZBrush with multiple applications.

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Justin Marshall

Justin thrives as a lead modeling author at Pluralsight. Growing up, Justin found a deep interest for the computer graphics industry after watching movies like Jurassic Park, Toy Story, and The Abyss. His ambition would lead him to work at Sony Imageworks in Los Angeles on movies like Monster House and Surf's Up.

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Dan John Cox

Dan John Cox has worked in the games industry for 8 years as both an environmental, concept, and character artist. He has worked at Pseudo Interactive, Frozen North Productions, Bedlam Games, Ubisoft Toronto, and Capybara Games in a variety of capacities. 

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Alex Jerjomin

Alex was born in Soviet Latvia. Since childhood he has loved to build and create, leading him to a love for architecture. As a teenager, Alex was introduced to his first CAD software where he learned different building designs and layouts. He then decided his passions could be combined into a career as a 3D artist. 

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