Building Apps with Android Architecture Components

Programming Android apps can be a complex process and lack of knowledge in architecting your app can result in spaghetti code and dead ends. This course will teach you to utilize the ARCH components libraries and master building Android apps.


Azure Logic Apps: Fundamentals

Azure Logic Apps is a key component in cloud-based integration. This course will teach you the core building blocks of Logic Apps including flow control, in-order message processing, custom connectors, exception handling, and more.


Protocol Deep Dive: Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)

Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is essential for computer communication across the network. This course provides the in-depth knowledge needed to understand, improve, troubleshoot, and secure ARP-related communications in your network.


Understanding Software-as-a-Service

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications are growing in popularity. This course will teach you the basic principles of the SaaS application model, and how your IT operational processes and systems may be impacted.


Defending Against JavaScript Keylogger Attacks on Payment Card Information

In this course, you’ll learn how about the most common attack now used to steal payment card data and the possible defences.

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