Cloud Technologies: Executive Briefing

Cloud technologies have revolutionized the implementation, deployment, and economics of computing resources. In this course, you’ll learn about these technologies and how to evaluate them and their vendors based on your organization’s needs.


State of Blockchain: Executive Briefing

In this executive briefing, we will look at what a Blockchain is, why you would want to use it, potential use-cases, and the main differences between a Blockchain and a database. By the end, you will understanding what this technology is used for.


Network Management and Operations

Networking hardware often fails, and requires policies, protocols, and monitoring to keep a data network in optimal shape. This course will teach you the policies and tools engineers use to keep networks up and running.


Scrum Essentials Exam Prep

Scrum is the most popular agile framework in the world for new product development. In this course, you will learn the essentials of Scrum and be better prepared to take the Professional Scrum Master Level One exam by


Introduction to Information Security

If you are new to cybersecurity or are interested in getting started, this course will help understand information security for organizations. It covers how organizations protect assets, guide, evaluate, and manage information security programs.

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