Course 1

Practical HTML5

HTML5 has been around now for some time. But how do you get your head around all that comes with it? The answer is by doing. In this Practical HTML5 course, you can do exactly that by building a site from scratch, adding new HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript features. The end result is a deeper understanding of how the various building blocks work together, and you'll have a working site as well!

Course 2

Developer's Guide to Photo & Design Techniques in Action

This course introduces developers to the mysteries of using graphic design and photographic resolution for web or print reproduction. It starts with photography, resolution, RGB and CMYK, continues with graphic design basics, and typography, then ends with color and the 4 basic principles of Visual Communication.

Course 3

Computer Fundamentals: Hardware

Through this course, you will gain the ability to identify which specific internal and external PC hardware components address specific computing needs. You'll also learn about printing technology and multi-function printing devices.

Course 4

Configure Microsoft Azure Files

SMB is one of the most used file-based protocols in the world and Azure Files brings a native cloud solution to Azure. This course will teach you how to architect and use Azure Files in Azure and beyond.

Course 5

Cybersecurity Threats: Ransomware

If you're a developer, IT admin, project manager, or a user, ransomware impacts you. Learn to identify infection points, recover files without paying a ransom, defend against and respond to attacks, and pitfalls if you do pay.

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