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Course 1

Objectivity in Data Visualization

The ability to interpret the truth, accuracy, and objectivity in data visualizations is incredibly important, whether you are creating your own visualizations or are interpreting those you see. This course will teach you these skills.
course 2

Reducing Dimensions in Data with scikit-learn

This course covers a wide range of the important techniques of dimensionality reduction and feature selection available in scikit-learn, allowing model builders to optimize model performance by reducing overfitting, save on model training time and cost, and better visualize the results of machine learning models.
Course 3

Collecting and Preparing Data for MicroStrategy

This course will walk you through acquiring data to use within MicroStrategy for analysis. It covers use of the MicroStrategy object model, external data, and ways of storing that data for easier analysis.
Course 4

Building Charts and Visualizations in Qlik Sense

Discover several techniques used to build charts and visualizations in Qlik, ranging from relatively simple chart types and properties to very complex applications that link charts to expressions and utilize master measures and dimensions.
Course 5

Pygal: Python Data Playbook

This course covers the important aspects of building visualizations in Pygal, using styles and configurations to govern chart behavior, rendering and exporting to SVG and other specialized formats, and serving Pygal visualizations in web content.
8.3 - 8.9
  • What's New in Java 12
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service
  • Getting Started with Asynchronous Programming in .NET
  • Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services: Text to Speech API
  • Core Python: Organizing Larger Programs
8.10 - 8.16
  • Estimating One-time and Recurring Costs for Microsoft Azure
  • Automating Deployment in Amazon EC2 with Ansible
  • Testing and Debugging Ansible Automation
  • Ansible on Windows Fundamentals
  • Reliable Google Cloud Infrastructure: Design and Process
8.17 - 8.23
  • Perform Cloud Security Operations
  • Lateral Movement with Infection Monkey
  • Initial Access with Gophish
  • Building a Cybersecurity Home Lab Environment
  • People Information Gathering with the Social Engineering Toolkit (SET)