Course 1:  Building Your First Salesforce Application

Course 2: Play by Play: Diagramming Salesforce Solutions 

Course 3: Cultivate Your Personal Strengths Using Gallup Tools

Course 4: Juniper Networks JNCIA-Junos (JN0-102): Networking Fundamentals

Course 5: Cryptography: The Big Picture

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Course descriptions

Building Your First Salesforce Application

Learn how to work with by creating custom applications. Start by signing up for a developer account on, and finish with a full application including reports and dashboards that work on both desktops and mobile devices.

Cultivate Your Personal Strengths Using Gallup Tools

All individuals have character strengths and weaknesses and identifying these strengths and weaknesses is a key foundation for our professional success. This course will help you with cultivating your biggest strengths.

Cryptography: The Big Picture

Cryptography is an important part of information security planning. This course will teach you some of the basics of cryptographic algorithms and how to select the appropriate one to encrypt your data.

Play By Play: Diagramming Salesforce Solutions

In this course, you’ll discover the techniques Salesforce architects use to leverage in order to identify and solve for the architecturally significant use cases contained within a customer scenario.

Juniper Networks JNCIA-Junos (JN0-102): Networking Fundamentals

This first course in the Juniper Networks JNCIA-Junos certification track begins teaching the knowledge needed to pass the JN0-102 exam. This course is a great fit for network engineers or IT Ops professionals looking to understand networking basics.