Building the business case

How to get buy-in for your tech skill investments

Create a compelling business case for your upskilling investment

Tech skill development programs are key to workforce transformation. They’re more than an employee benefit—they’re strategic tools that drive organizational outcomes. 

And in times of economic uncertainty, they’re more important than ever. Stronger tech skills ensure organizations close skills gaps, keep their people, and stay on the cutting edge of tech. 

So how do you build buy-in, especially if you already have an upskilling solution?

We interviewed champions of tech skill programs to help answer that question—and help you chart a clear path forward as you build your business case. 

Inside the guide, you’ll find eight prompts to take a programmatic approach to workforce transformation and create a compelling case for your proposed (or current) investment, including questions like:

  • What business problem are you trying to solve with upskilling?

  • Who owns the skill development budget?

  • How do leaders define success?

You’ll also get to see what this framework looks like in a real-world environment.

Don’t wait. Get up to speed on all things multicloud today—and keep fueling innovation tomorrow. 


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