Tech in 2021

The top three trends impacting
technology teams in 2021 and beyond

Forrester predicts as many as 20% of the Fortune 500 won’t make it through 2021 intact.

If 2020 demanded we question the way we work, 2021 will demand answers. Last year, we were forced to reevaluate our priorities and change how we work together. But how our technology teams respond to these challenges will be key to coming out ahead.

In our Tech in 2021 report, we looked at trends born from, or accelerated by, the global COVID-19 crisis to report on the state of technology and give leaders guidance on how to build better teams, processes, and products in the year ahead. You will learn:


Where leading organizations are shifting their budgets and resources in 2021


Why modernizing your infrastructure is key to increasing your team's agility


How delivering a digital customer experience can accelerate revenue

The challenges we encountered in 2020 have created clear opportunities for growth in the year ahead. Start preparing your teams now for the next wave of transformation. Download the free report!

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