2022 Tech Forecast

Build better teams. Build a better year.

Welcome to the 2022 Tech Forecast! The data-driven insights here will help you and your team prepare to both capitalize on and respond to the technology trends in business that we expect to continue in 2022. Equipped with that data, you and your teams will be positioned to execute on your 2022 initiatives and make this the year you and your organization make a digital transformation.

In this guide, we'll explain what the tech forecast looks like in 2022 and help you and your team build a blueprint to tackle 2022 proactively and intentionally. 
You will also find more information to help approach these challenges for 2022:


How cloud maturity--not just adoption--will be an essential part of your digital transformation in 2022


How surviving the Great Resignation will require increased investments in reskilling and upskilling programs


How remote work is here to stay - but we need to improve how we remote work


How you and your team can tackle anything in 2022 proactively and intentionally

Technologists are accustomed to a fastpaced, ever-changing landscape, but the last two years have forced organizations to be reactive as opposed to proactive. It’s time that changed. 
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