State of Cloud 2023

How organizations are maturing in the cloud

The major trend in cloud computing isn't migration anymore. It's the rapid adoption of cloud services.

But there’s a big difference between adopting the cloud and using it to drive organizational success. Even though cloud adoption is table stakes, 69% of leaders still don’t have a clearly-defined cloud strategy.

For our 2023 State of Cloud report, we blind-surveyed over 1,000 leaders and technologists worldwide. Here’s a sneak peek at what we found:

  • 70% of organizations report more than half of their infrastructure is in the cloud

  • 44% of organizations adopt the latest cloud products as soon as they’re available

  • 65% of organizations say their cloud environment is multicloud

  • 27% of leaders say their cloud strategies enable them to drive customer value

Find out where you stand in the industry—and how to get ahead. This is your org’s time to shine.

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