A developer’s viewpoint on Learning

June 30, 2017
A developer’s viewpoint on Learning

In a dynamic and rapidly evolving IT Industry, learning has never been more important. It is imperative that learners keep pace with new technologies and constantly build on their skills, to be more competent in an industry where work is both exciting and challenging. 

Key Findings – At a glance.

A. While learning is critical for career growth for all the segments of learners (Avid, Occasional & Rare), it is the Avid learners who find learning critical for personal knowledge as well. 97 percent of the respondents agreed that technology skills are important and 74 percent of them have undergone various learning courses in the last year. Sequential learning is the most preferred style amongst the respondents and 74 percent of the respondents want freedom while learning.  

B. Learning program cost, schedule management and follow up with the trainer – are the top three challenges faced by the respondents.

C. On-job training, E-learning and Virtual Classrooms/Webinars are the top three “most commonly used” learning methods across all the segments, with E-Learning emerging as the most common, effective and utilized method in 2017-2018 across all segments.

D. Online search is the most used and the trusted source of information for learning programs and while selecting, users focus more on the content of the program. 

E. 48 percent of the respondents have learning goals for 2017 since they want to gain knowledge and earn a better pay package. 

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