Live webinar: Keep your dev team productive with the right Azure service

June 21 at 1 p.m. ET

Microsoft Azure is huge and changes fast! There are already over 70 services with many features. When it comes to making an informed decision for your developers, your choice impacts their time, your budget and your customers’ needs. Join Pluralsight author and cloud developer expert Barry Luijbregts in this live webinar on Wednesday, June 21. Barry will help you uncover ways to:

  • Determine which features are valuable to you and your team
  • Keep your team productive by using the right tools on the right projects
  • Evaluate and choose from the broad offerings of over 70 features

There’s no simple “all in one” solution or answer that can solve your Azure cloud needs. However, Barry can help you approach your Microsoft Azure strategy faster and more efficiently to keep up and stay innovative today. Don’t miss out!

About the author

Barry is a software architect and developer with a passion for the cloud. He has worked for lots of companies throughout the last decade and is keen to share his knowledge with the community. He has a broad and deep knowledge of the Microsoft stack with a special interest on web technology and the cloud. He co-founded a usergroup focused on technology and soft-skills and currently teaches people about the benefits of the cloud. He lives in the Netherlands with his beautiful wife and newborn baby girl and loves to run their two Siberian huskies.